Predicting What the Pokemon Gen 9 Region Could Be Based On

Predicting What the Pokemon Gen 9 Region Could Be Based On

Predicting What the Pokemon Gen 9 Region Could Be Based On

Predicting What the Pokemon Gen 9 Region Could Be Based On

The most captivating element of any mainlinePokemonTitle refers to the area in which the game is played. It can be either pokemon RedAndBlueKanto, Pokemon BlackAndWhite‘s Unova is the newest region in Galar. Pokemon SwordAndShieldIt is exciting to discover the wonders of the world.PokemonYou can find new places. Each region is based on real-world locations, which makes them even more exciting. With these, the ninth generation of Pokémon will be revealed. There are many interesting options for the future when it comes down to the location of the new region.

Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company have been busy with Pokemon lately, thanks to Pokemon Unite, soon-to-be-launched Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and the upcoming Pokemon Legends, Arceus. But, no information has been released about the mainline nine Pokémon titles. However, speculations have suggested that the region for the next Pokemon game could be in the future region, which creates excitement about predicting the location.

History of the regions in the Mainline Pokemon Games

The first four regions in the PokemonAll games were based on Japanese locales. Kanto Region from pokemon RedAndBlueIt is based very literally on Japan’s Kanto region, which includes Tokyo and the Kanto Plain with 42,000,000 people. Each region’s locations are also based upon real-life locations. For example, Viridian City is based in Hakone Town, Cerulean City on Tsuchiura City, and Kanto Power Plant on Tokai Nuclear Power Plant.

The same principle applies to other games as Johto from Pokemon Gold and Silver is believed to have been based in the Kansai region. Hoenn, from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, is strikingly similar to Kyushu and the surrounding islands in Japan. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’s Sinnoh appear to be based upon Hokkaido. Partly because Pokemon Evolution is a limited series, the unique regions of Pokemon are possible. After four games in one beautiful nation, the pocket monster collection game began to travel the globe.

Pokemon Black and White are based in New York City. The region is called Unova. The sixth generation of Pokemon, X/em> and Y, is currently being played in Kalos, based in France. Pokemon Sun and Moon are located in Alola. It is the second American-based game, though it takes place in Hawaii. The Galar region, which is located in the United Kingdom, is the latest mainline Pokemon title. It is used for Pokemon Sword and Shield. __S.45__

Predicting the Region for Pokemon Gen9: Italy

Recent rumors suggest that the new generation’s region could be in Italy. This would make it a great location for a Pokemon title. Italy is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Some parts of Italy are famous for their beautiful beach towns along the Mediterranean Sea, such as Amalfi and even Sicily. Italy is also famous for its beautiful Alps and huge fields of sunflowers. Meanwhile, history is rich in European countries, as video games have long used Rome as a backdrop for storytelling. It is possible to picture Game Freak and The Pokemon Company creating a Pokemon version of Venice.

Two games have been created based on European destinations, one with Kalos (France) and Galar (UK). It is logical to continue the trend by adding another beautiful and popular country. It would make a great location for the next Pokemon game and a popular region for Pokemon lovers.

Predicting What the Pokemon Gen 9 Region Could Be Based On
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