Sonic Colors: Ultimate - How to Get All Chaos Emeralds

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – How to Get All Chaos Emeralds

Sonic Colors: Ultimate - How to Get All Chaos Emeralds

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – How to Get All Chaos Emeralds

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The Ultimate ColorsSonic’s interstellar adventure is now available to both new and old players. While the ultimate version does include several improvements and changes, there is one constant: the all-powerful Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate was originally released for Wii and Nintendo DS on 10/10/10. It is a complete high-definition remaster of SEGA’s Sonic Colors. Unfortunately, the new game is plagued by several bugs and glitches. The Switch edition was reported to be unplayable. Blind Squirrel Entertainment has acknowledged the problems and said that a Sonic Colors: Ultimate patch will be available.

How to get all Chaos Emeralds in – Ultimate

The seven Chaos Emeralds, a mysterious relic, have been used for many purposes, including powering machinery and warping time and space. They also allow you to initiate super transformations. It is not easy to acquire them, and Sonic Colors Ultimate is no exception. The “Eggman’s Sonic Simulator Game Land” stages will require Chaos Emerald hunters to complete. The Chaos Emeralds are the retro 8-bit stage collection. Each Chaos Emerald has three stages and totals 21 stages. As a reward, players will receive the Chaos Emerald associated with the color they have completed. Players will first need to unlock Game Land stages.

Players must collect every Red Star Ring on the main stages to unlock Game Land Levels in Sonic Colors Ultimate. Each Act within every Area, except Boss Areas or Terminal Velocity, has five Special Rings. This makes it a total of 180. Each player will receive a 30,000 bonus point boost for collecting a Special Ring, but they must collect all five to access the next Game Land stage. Once players have collected all 180 rings and completed all 21 Game Land stages, they’ll be rewarded with the seven Chaos Emeralds used to transform into Super Sonic.


Super Sonic allows players to run at maximum speed and avoid any enemies. However, Super Sonic is largely an end-game reward because certain Red Star Rings are only accessible after unlocking all of the Wisps. It isn’t easy to find the special rings, which makes collecting-a-thon even more challenging.


Attaining Super Sonic can be a significant achievement and what separates serious gamers from casual gamers. Sonic Colors Ultimate is a new game that is only now available. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania will add Tails and Sonic to the game, along with Jet Set Radio’s Beat.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – How to Get All Chaos Emeralds
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