Valheim Hearth and Home Update is Making Weapon Changes

Valheim Hearth and Home Update

Valheim Hearth and Home Update is Making Weapon Changes

ValheimFor months, players have been eagerly awaiting information about the upcoming Hearth and Home updates for survival/sandbox games. ValheimIt’s a solid enough experience to keep players satisfied for a long period of time. However, its popularity has driven strong demand for new content.ValheimIron Gate AB has now scheduled its Hearth and Home Update for September 18. New details have been shared in the lead-up to these updates, including one relating to weapon balance.

A post was shared by Valheim’s official Twitter account. It states that players will be excited about the new Hearth and Home spotlight. Spotlights are short videos by Iron Gate that go into more detail about specific aspects of the Hearth and Home. The Twitter post contains a similar video that shows what improvements battle-ax Valheim gamers can expect.

The Valheim Hearth and Home update make many improvements to battle-ax gameplay. It makes attack wind-ups “a bit quicker” and improves stagger and cleave damage. This should make big swings more powerful. Iron Gate claims that the battle-ax should feel slow and heavy, but these improvements should allow Valheim players to use it more effectively. This is especially true for the battle-ax’s “fast knockback alternate attack.”

The video doesn’t just focus on the battle-ax. With some modifications, Valheim’s bow is next. The bow is a powerful weapon in Valheim. Players probably already know this. Iron Gate has decided to nerf the bow in order to make it more balanced and less powerful. Iron Gate refers to a speed increase in the bow’s draw. Even with the most advanced bow skills, it won’t be drawn instantly. Iron Gate has reduced the stamina needed to hold a bow drawn to balance the change.

Although the Valheim Hearth and Home update spotlight were limited to the bow and battle-ax, it is clear that other weapons will be touched as well. Iron Gate claims that all weapons have been touched during the rebalancing process. The changes will also be made visible to Valheim weapon wielders.

Today’s spotlight will focus on weapon modifications, and it will be the last spotlight before the Hearth and Home update launches. Valheim gamers would love to learn more about the changes. However, Iron Gate wants players to experience most of the changes and additions for themselves. Hearth and Home launch on September 18, so players won’t have to wait much longer.

Valheim Hearth and Home Update is Making Weapon Changes
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