Fallout 76’s new Worlds put the game in the hands of the fans

Fallout 76’s new Worlds put the game in the hands of the fans

Fallout 76’s new Worlds put the game in the hands of the fans

Fallout 76’s new Worlds put the game in the hands of the fans.

Fallout Worlds is a much more customizable take on Fallout 76, which allows players to twist various dials under the hood of the game. You can change the weather at will, or jump off cliffs with your friends. These private servers are meant to be the foundation for future updates, and Bethesda is watching to see how players use these tools and what worlds they begin to build.

Worlds is based on a gradient. You have sandbox fun at one extreme. Jump high, run through the Wasteland, and random enemies’ll chase you. Or fire endless Fat Man nukes at your friends. Tools to aid role-players or hardcore gamers create a sense of canon in their own communities are at the other end.

Build better and bigger

Including prototyping and experiments, Worlds has been in production for a year and a half while the team managed other projects and updates. This is a completely different approach than stories like Wastelanders or challenges like Daily Ops. It’s much more open to player expressions and control.

“We leaned pretty heavy into the CAMP building, because we figured this is one of the places where this can shine the most and where our player base is interested in wanting more,” said Bo Buchanan, lead on Fallout Worlds at Bethesda, in an interview with Polygon. “There are technical reasons that certain things we can’t do within the main game.”

He gives the example of pathing. You can’t make your CAMP too cluttered so that others can’t access it. In a Private World, you can make a maze or small settlements, such as a town. You can also build a town like Charleston in the game to give the appearance of a modernized Appalachian city.

Buchanan stated that “we didn’t do some things I know the community wants, such as being able build closer together or have CAMP overlap.” “There are some things that we aren’t fully ready to dive into at the moment. We can look ahead.”

From Adventure to Worlds, and back

Adventure characters offer the standard Fallout76 experience with full access to the entire world. You can take this character and clone it for Private Worlds. All of your progress and perks will be available to you. Buchanan stated that you can now have five World Links across your entire account. You can link your Adventure character to five Worlds or five to one World. Although we may move this limit up in the future, it is where we started.”

Private Worlds can’t allow you to bring back your loot, so your great legendaries and armor sets must stay in Adventure mode. Players will still be able to access Legendary Perks after they have finished playing on a World. You can still make progress, and you won’t be wasting your time, but you cannot smuggle illicit loot back for other players.

Fallout 76’s new Worlds put the game in the hands of the fans
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